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Chief Minister Fellowship (CMF) Programme

CMF is a drive launched to attract young graduates into the administration. The fellowship intends to enable the government benefit from the youth's optimism, passion for technology, and fresh views, while also providing them with the opportunity to gain useful experience working within the government.

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UPESEAT B.Tech Scholarship

The UPE SEAT B. Tech Scholarship is only available to people of Uttarakhand. Students who received 80 percent or higher in each of the 10th and 12th grades, have PCM for B. Tech, or are among the top 150 from the Uttarakhand board, will receive a tuition fee reduction of 25 percent for boys and 35 percent for girls in the first year.

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The Young Talent IT Scholarship

The scholarship seeks to discover deserving bright people who wish to pursue an IT career and to support their study.

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Asia Heart Udayer Pathey Scholarship

This scholarship scheme is to provide a monthly stipend to NEET qualified students.The Students with Heart Foundation's will get financial support in the form of scholarships who are in their undergraduate and graduate course and where the family income is low. Provided by RTIICS.

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Education Grants - Tata Trusts

Only Masters, Ph.D., and Postdoctoral fellowships in any educational field are supported by the Endowment. It strives to reward "the brightest and most gifted in order to make them of the greatest service to the country" based solely on merit.

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Swami Dayanand Scholarship

This scholarship offers Merit-cum-Means Scholarships to students in India pursuing professional courses.  Thirty percent of our total scholarships are designated for female students. The scholarship is available to students pursuing engineering, MBBS, pharmacy, information technology, and architecture courses.

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Sultan Chand Covid Support Scholarship

This programme of the Shri Sultan Chand Trust will assist students who have little or no support for their higher education as a result of a covid-led crisis in their families. Scholarships are awarded to pursue either a Bachelor's Degree or a Master's Degree at any College / Institute / University in India.

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STFC Scholarship

The primary goal of this program is to assist the children of commercial transport drivers/owner cum drivers. This scheme will assist the students who are facing difficulty to continue their studies in graduate and post-graduate courses owing to financial constraints.

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Sitaram Jindal Foundation Scholarship

To be eligible for the Sitaram Jindal Scholarship, the candidate must be in class 11 to post-graduation. The scholarship also includes Polytechnic and Diploma courses in technical education.

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Suresh Dada Scheme for Educational and Entrepreneurial Development

SD-SEED provides a fresh and nurturing ecology for the benefit of students, in relation to scholarships, training, and other initiatives. This award is solely available to students from the Jalgaon district.

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